Sunday, May 15, 2005

Ecuador Evening ! Posted by Hello

Welcome All of You!!

Since no one but my dad and I seem to live on the net-- I am hoping this will be a way for all our relatives to keep in touch (and maybe even meet for the first time!) with each other. Now, you can pop in only as often as you wish --- while you're here, see what all our relatives have written about their lives and families; maybe even see photos of family you've never seen before! Please try to get in the habit of coming by at LEAST once a month. Not much to ask, when you don't have to take time to put pen to paper and spend $$ for stamps for each person you wish to visit with! Just post a comment, however long or short you wish to keep us all updated on your life!! If you have extended family that you would like to include, please feel free to send them a link; and it would be nice for those of us who may not yet know them, if you would put a short introduction about them on here... Thanks to all of you! I'm sure you'll get tired of my writings, as I can TALK A LOT (yeah, even online!) so you'll need to put something of your own up, just for the relief!! ; P